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Originally from Indianapolis, I relocated to Chicago in 2018 to work as a UI/UX  Engineer for an ecommerce craft company. I gained experience designing wireframes as well as coding and implementing functionality.  I now work on the development side of online advertising – creating custom functionality & animations for online ads plus brainstorming/prototyping new capabilities.

I enjoy the creative process of coming up with designs & features, but equally love the problem solving aspect of implementing functionality + providing new solutions.   

I studied Computer Graphics Technology with a focus in Multimedia.  After taking a web design class, I decided I wanted to delve deeper into learning to code and took additional classes to recieve an IT Certificate for Web Development. 

My creativity plus technical expertise drive my passion to continue to create eye catching web content and seamless user experiences.  

During the work day I’m fueled by coffee and music, but in my free time I enjoy cuddling my cat, traveling, creating art, learning new things, live music, all things Star Wars, and attempting to not kill my plants. 🙂