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Dashboard Merchandising Tools

Product Management Demo with AG-Grid Enterprise

The Merchandising tools were created for our internal Merchandising team to be able to edit and view all aspects of products. The functionality includes managing brands, categories, products, product images, and promos.  The most complex part of these set of tools was integrating a 3rd party package called AG-Grid Enterprise to create a spreadsheet view in which employees could filter from tens of thousands of products to edit and view product information.  The filter portion was built with out AG-Grid, since a first layer of filtering was needed for the product search in addition to the built in filtering functionality of AG-Grid.  AG-Grid was also utilized in a separate view for employees to create and edit Rules/Promotions (discounts, coupons, promos, etc.).  I collaborated with backend engineers who supplied the data needed using microservices and APIs, but solely created the front end work and AG-Grid integration using HTML5, SCSS, and Typescript with Angular 7.

Rules/Promos Demo with AG-Grid Enterprise

Other Merchandising Tools (Brands, Categories, Images, Searchable Products)