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CMS for A.C. Moore’s DIY Project Department

The Projects’ CMS was created for the A.C. Moore craft company.  A.C. Moore has a department that specializes in coming up with DIY crafting projects for their customers.  I created a tool in our internal Dashboard application for this department to easily create and edit content that would then display on the main eccommerce website.  The process included creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. I then built out the components in our Dashboard app.

Tools used: Adobe XD, HTML5, SCSS, TypeScript/Angular 6

Users are able to upload images and downloadable pdfs, edit and add steps to complete the projects, add shopable materials (using Algolia search) needed to create the craft projects, and add links to categories and related projects.

Redesign for Customer facing Ecommerce App

After the functionality was properly tested in staging environment, I redesigned how current projects displayed on our customer facing ecommerce platform.

Tools used: Adobe XD, HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript/React